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Our Mission is completely focused on helping individual investors and traders.

Our only mission is to help them succeed in their mission.

We consider our mission successful if an investor or trader is able to benefit from our offerings in this site in managing their own Stocks and/or ETF Investments.


As self-directed investors ourselves, we manage our own money with the expertise we have built over these years researching and investing in Stocks and ETFs.

We have learned important lessons in our investing journey and we continue to stay humble so more learning can happen. But, we are confident after years of watching and investing in the Market that we'll be able to offer incredible value to self-directed investors.

We initially started off researching and investing in Stocks from early 2000 during the dot-com bubble era. Undoubtedly, like many investors, we learned many painful lessons that woke us up and started looking at markets differently.

Later, with the rising popularity of ETFs, we seriously began researching and investing in ETFs from May 2004. We found that investing in ETFs could be a very effective and also less-risky way to invest in the markets if proper strategies are adopted that are based on strong asset allocation principles.