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InvesTrak E-Newsletter Monthly Stock Ideas Outperformed Over The Long Term

September 23rd, 2020

Quality Stock Picks Since October 2017

InvesTrak - E-Newsletter has been publishing stock ideas every month since October 2017 and in our previous blogs we have highlighted their superior performance over a shorter timeframe.

Recently, we went back and tracked how these stock ideas are performing over the longer term and interestingly, we found this outperformance continuing strongly.

Just to recap, since October 2017 InvesTrak has profiled 64 stocks and of which 32 stocks have already crossed the 18-month threshold. Our analysis in this blog is based on the track record on these 32 stocks.

It is important to remember, since October 2017 the market has undergone a few sharp corrections and also the extreme COVID-19 induced volatility which is continuing to this day.

Solid Average Gains of 32%

Over an 18-month time period, on average, InvesTrak - Monthly Stock Ideas have recorded a maximum closing price gain of 32% from the price recorded on the day the stock is featured in the newsletter. This is not the closing price at the end of the 18-th month but the highest closing price touched by the stock after we added the stock in InvesTrak.

Median Percentage Gain of 29%

The median maximum closing price change on these 32 stocks has been 29% which means 50% of these 32 stocks had recorded highest closing price gains of at least 29%. Copart, Inc (CPRT) recorded the best gains of 79%.

InvesTrak added CPRT at a starting price of $58.40 on March 1st, 2019 and the highest closing price it recorded in the next 18 months was $104.50 and the percentage change was 79%.

24 out of 32 Stocks Logged Over 20% Highest Closing Price Gains

Of the 32 stocks, 24 stocks had recorded a highest closing price gain of least 22%. This is a 75% hit rate of superior gains and very noteworthy. Also important to observe, only 3 out of 32 stocks had logged single digit highest closing price gains.

Disciplined Multi-Factor Stock Selection Approach

This kind of performance has been made possible, in our belief, because of the disciplined stock selection approaches we adopt for every stock idea we add in InvesTrak. Our multi-factor approach combines both Fundamental and Technical Analysis and we attempt to add core stocks which exhibit both growth and value characteristics.

Long Term Investors - Join Us To Take Advantage

If your stock portfolio is not able to achieve this kind of consistency, don't worry. We are here to help self-directed investors like you.

Subscribe today to InvesTrak E-Newsletter and keep receiving our quality stock ideas which can help boost your personal portfolio's performance. While past performance does not always guarantee future results, we will always perform our steadfast and sincere research to feature quality stocks.

Good Luck, and Safe Investing!