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Welcome, Long Term Investor!

We are glad you have chosen this path to build wealth. We are absolutely confident you will succeed in your efforts.

Importantly, you have come to the correct place to begin your investing journey. We believe we can help you significantly in your journey.

What You Have

In order to be successful in investing, we believe, you will need to bring these attributes to your investing process.

We believe if you have these attributes you will benefit from a subscription to InvesTrak.

We Have The Strategies

We have 3 Powerful Strategies - all of which can be used by you - to build wealth over the long term.

Here below is a sample approach for using these strategies effectively.

Our Portfolio Mix

After determining the amount of capital to invest, we can adopt a sample allocation mix for these strategies as detailed below.

Individual risk tolerances and time horizons may wary but we believe a long term portfolio should be up and running for at least 10 years or more to get the maximum benefits of compounding.

More on the power of compounding explained below.

InvesTrak - NewsLetter Strategy % of Capital Implementation
  • Employ Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy To Reach Full Allocation.
  • Rebalance Portfolio Annually.
  • Model Portfolio To Track: GLO-BLEND
  • Potential Long Term Annualized Gain - 9% (as tracked since 2010)
  • Employ Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy To Build Each Position.
  • Equal Weight Each Stock Position Held For 18 Months
  • Focus on Quality - Track Our Monthly Stock Ideas Published in InvesTrak E-NewsLetter
  • Potential Long Term Annualized Gain - 20% (The average maximum closing price gains are much higher - we are using a lower estimate)
  • Track One 6-Stock Income Basket Every Year
  • Equal Weight Each Stock Position Held In The Basket
  • Exit Income Basket After Income Goal Is Achieved With No Principal Loss
  • Potential Annual Income Gain - 3% (based on the payment of dividend as anticipated on income basket stocks)

Power of Compounding - Sample Capital Allocation for Model Portfolio - $25000 - No Annual Additions of Capital

Full benefits of long term investing are seen when the power of compounding is allowed to work on the portfolios.

The sample capital allocated for this model portfolio is $25000.

InvesTrak - NewsLetter Strategy Model Allocation Theoretical Annualized Gain%
MCAPETF-PASSIVE-STRATEGIC 50% x $25000 = $12500 50% x 9% = 4.5%
MCAPEQUITY-ACTIVE-STRATEGIC 30% x $25000 = $7500 30% x 20% = 6%
MCAPEQUITY-GROWTHINCOME-TACTICAL 20% x $25000 = $5000 20% x 3% = .60%

Potential Annual Average Theoretical Gain% = +11.1%

10-Year Compounded Growth of $25000 at +11.1% Annualized Theoretical Gain = $71627 (before any costs or taxes)

Please Note: These Are Potential Theoretical Gains Based On Our Reasonable Assumptions. Actual Results Will Vary Based On Actual Cost Incurred and Actual Gains

This is the power of compounding which every long term investor should aim to take advantage of in their portfolios. We strongly believe this is a smart and stable way to build wealth!

Important to remember, to take advantage of this compounding power even more, investors must start early.

Interestingly, the gains could be much more if additional capital is added every year.

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