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InvesTrak - E-Newsletter - Strategies

InvesTrak E-Newsletter presently tracks 3 unique strategies for self-directed investors to benefit from. Self-directed investors now have an excellent framework to manage their own portfolios with these tactical and strategic approaches.

Strategies - Usage Guidelines

StrategyShort DescriptionSuitability/Application
MCAPEQUITY-ACTIVE-STRATEGICLong Term - 1+ YearsSuitable for truly long term investors who actively invest in quality stocks, willing to take more risks for a solid return on investment.
MCAPETF-PASSIVE-STRATEGICLong Term - 10+ YearsSuitable for truly long term investors who believe in asset allocation with a view to seeking balanced, risk adjusted returns.
MCAPEQUITY-GROWTHINCOME-TACTICALLong Term - 1+ YearsSuitable for long term less risk averse investors willing to allocate a portion of portfolio for income and growth in strong individual stocks .

Self-directed investors can also perform more independent research to see if these strategies are suitable for their portfolios based on their risk tolerance.

Description of Strategies


  • This strategy's approach is to take equal weighted positions in InvesTrak E-Newsletter Monthly Stock Ideas and hold them for at least up to 18-months and exit.
  • Risk Management Stop Loss is dependent on the investor's risk tolerance level and the quality of stock selected as strategy is long term oriented.
  • Since November 3rd, 2017 this strategy has been tracked and the average per position maximum closing price gain after we add the stock in InvesTrak has been approximately +32.27% in 18 months (as of October 31st, 2020).
  • To see the latest stock picks for this strategy,please login and check out the Monthly Ideas section of our latest edition of InvesTrak E-Newsletter.

Long Term (Strategic) Passive Investing Using ETFS (MCAPETF-PASSIVE-STRATEGIC)

Short Term Income and Growth Investing Using STOCKS (MCAPEQUITY-GROWTHINCOME-TACTICAL)

  • This strategy aims to boost income in a portfolio for those self-directed investors who are in need of an income source from their portfolio.
  • Strategy takes equal weighted positions in a select basket of 6 fundamentally strong stocks with excellent balance sheet strength providing respectable dividend and also opportunities for growth.
  • Strategy is designed to be tactical (for one year) to receive the targeted income but positions can be held for a longer duration as long as income and growth objectives are met.
  • An Income Yield of 3% to 5% is the desired objective and Capital Appreciation performance is variable and can be calculated only at the end of the holding period.
  • Strategy is new and introduced in Investrak - E-Newsletter in May 2020 edition.
  • To see the latest 6-stock basket for this strategy,please login and check out the Monthly Diversified Growth & Income Basket section of our latest edition of InvesTrak E-Newsletter.

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