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Our ETF Model Portfolios Performance

January 2010 - February 2021

Metric GLO-BLEND Benchmark (ACWI)
Mean Return (Annualized) 10.94% 10.75%
Compound Return (Annualized) 10.13% 9.56%
Beta 0.81 1.00
Alpha (Annualized) 2.12% 0.00%
R-squared 95.43% 100%
Sharpe Ratio 0.81 0.66
Metric US-BLEND Benchmark (SPY)
Mean Return (Annualized) 12.78% 14.92%
Compound Return (Annualized) 12.11% 13.83%
Beta 0.77 1.00
Alpha (Annualized) 1.37% 0.00%
R-squared 94.12% 100%
Sharpe Ratio 1.05 0.96
Metric YOUNG-INVESTOR Benchmark (ACWI)
Mean Return (Annualized) 12.83% 10.75%
Compound Return (Annualized) 11.92% 9.56%
Beta 0.84 1.00
Alpha (Annualized) 3.56% 0.00%
R-squared 92.14% 100%
Sharpe Ratio 0.90 0.66

Note:The external website we use to track the performance of these model portfolios adjusts the start period to January 2010.

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Number of Stocks Featured in InvesTrak Newsletter Since 2017 76
Number of Stocks Which Crossed 18-Month Threshold 39     (click here for list of stocks)
Average 18-Month Maximum Closing Price% Change +32.96% (as of February 26th, 2021)
SPY (Benchmark) Average 18-Month Maximum Closing Price% Change +19.07% (as of February 26th, 2021)

Number of ETF Model Portfolios Tracked Since 2010 3
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Number of 6-Stock Baskets Added in Newsletter Since May 2020 10
Number of 6-Stock Baskets Which Have Crossed 1-Year Threshold None
6-Stock Basket Performance To Be Published After First 6-Stock Basket Crosses 1-Year Threshold

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