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S&P Sectors - Daily Snapshot Charts

A picture is worth a thousand words! Investors and Traders can now get a snapshot of major S&P SPDR ETFS all in one page!

Find the strongest and weakest sectors over the last 30 days to help plan your next investment or trade!

XLY (Consumer Discretionary)
XLP (Consumer Staples)
XRT - (Retail)

XLK - Technology
XSD - Semiconductors
XSW - Software

XLC - Communication Services
XTL - Telecommunication
XWEB - Internet

XLI - Industrials
XTN - Transportation
XLU - Utilities

XHE - Healthcare Equipment
XLV - Healthcare
XBI - Biotechnology

XLE - Energy
XLB - Basic Materials
XME - Metals & Mining

XLF - Financials
XLRE - Real Estate
XHB - Home Builders

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